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Dr. Rob is a world renowned avian veterinarian in Sydney, Australia. He was the veterinary consultant for the Northern Territory Nature and Conservation Commission for a scientific study of the disease status in the wild population of the endangered Gouldian Finches as it related to a "Recovery Plan".



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INCA HONEY has been developed as a potent source of Vitamin D3 for those birds who do not have regular and sustained access to the benefits of direct sunlight. For these birds, a dietary source of Vitamin D3 is required as an alternative or supplement to direct sunshine.
The dose and frequency of Inca Honey in the diet is based upon the amount of sunshine, if any, that your birds receive over a weekly period. I found that with my finches, who get no weekly sunshine, I was able to load up their Vitamin D3 levels by administering the Inca Honey for 4 days for the first 2 weeks of administration. After that I went back to the recommended three weekly administrations of the Inca Honey for the Breeding and Molting seasons..
A good, quality source of Calcium must be available to your birds at all times in order for the Inca Honey to facilitate the absorption of Calcium into the bloodstream. I prefer to leave a small dish of the Hatched Egg-shell mixed with Dr. Rob Marshall’s F-Vite and Bloomford in each cage, at all times.
Inca Honey also contains soluble fiber to improve digestive function and antioxidants for good immunity. Birds diagnosed with bowel problems will benefit greatly from Inca Honey as a source of sustained energy and to promote a rapid recovery from illness. It helps to maintain bone strength and muscular agility and it is an important addition to the diet of any pet bird housed indoors.
Inca Honey Breeding Programme for Gouldians, Finches and Canaries
Inca Honey is an invaluable addition to the Breeding Programme for Gouldians and/or all pet or flock birds. It has multiple functions and is used to promote optimal breeding condition in the parents, improve digestion in growing babies and stimulate the immune system of every age group. The small, well-formed droppings of finches on the Inca Honey Breeding Programme are a clear indication that the digestive system is functioning well and nutrients are being completely absorbed. Inca Honey is given in the drinking water for up to 3 days each week as part of this Programme and is the foundation of good digestion, strong immunity and a successful breeding season. 
Inca Honey for Babies
The Inca Honey Breeding Programme produces strong, fast growing babies with perfectly formed droppings. This is a result of the soluble fiber and vitamin D contained in Inca Honey which aid digestive function and the production of strong bones and muscles. Healthy digestion allows for increased nutrient absorption and overall health as the digestive system is functioning at its best. The healthy digestion created by Inca Honey is fundamental for the strong growth and development of babies.
Inca Honey also has a cleansing effect so that any toxins that may be present in the digestive tract are quickly purged from the body. It stimulates immune function so the babies do not become susceptible to infections in the nest and develop a good natural resistance to disease. It is an excellent source of energy to stimulate appetite and contains organic acids to maintain normal stomach pH levels.
Babies on the Inca Honey Breeding Programme will develop superior feather quality. This is a direct result of the Vitamin D3 in Inca Honey which enables the metabolism and proper absorption of calcium and further promotes strong natural immunity. 
Inca Honey for Breeding Parents
Inca Honey is used to support the increased nutritional needs of feeding parents and maintain optimal breeding condition throughout the breeding season. The digestive actions stimulated by Inca Honey assist with the absorption of nutrients and ensure a rich supply of energy is available to feeding parents. On the Inca Honey Breeding Programme, the droppings will be small and perfectly formed - indicating good digestive function and complete nutrient absorption. 
The immune stimulating actions of Inca Honey are especially beneficial to feeding parents as they endure the physical hardships associated with feeding. Birds on this Programme develop a good natural resistance which is then imparted onto their babies and provides the best possible start in life. For Gouldians and/or all finches housed indoors, Inca Honey is particularly beneficial as it increases their resistance to diseases associated with reduced access to direct sunlight. 
The energizing effect of Inca Honey helps to increase fertility in male birds and encourages strong nest building behavior. It is the combination of nest making activity and energy within Inca Honey that improves fertility of male birds of any age.
In female birds, Inca Honey maximizes the absorption of Calcium and ensures the best quality eggs are produced. The Vitamin D3 contained in Inca Honey enables the metabolism and absorption of Calcium which is so critical to the maintenance of strong, healthy bones and the production of high quality eggs for the duration of the breeding season. 
Egg-laying is a strenuous process controlled by hormones and supported by proper nutrition.  Without correct nutrition, hormonal control lapses and often leads to impaired immunity. This then predisposes birds to secondary problems that include infections and bowel problems.  Inca Honey is included in the Inca Honey Breeding Programme to strengthen immunity and improve digestive function to ensure the complete absorption of nutrients needed to support the egg laying process in female Gouldians and/or all finches housed indoors. 
The Inca Honey Breeding Programme provides all of the nutrition necessary to support breeding finches and their babies for the duration of the breeding season. The optimal digestive function and nutrient absorption created by this Programme are fundamental to a successful breeding season, with Inca Honey playing a vital role in ensuring parents remain healthy and babies rapidly develop into strong and healthy birds.
Inca Honey Breeding Programme for Gouldians, Finches and Canaries
This Programme updates the previous Breeding Programme. It commences at the start of breeding and should continue throughout the season. For youngsters it continues throughout the weaning period. 
The overall effect of the Inca Honey Breeding Programme is to create perfect digestive function allowing complete nutrient absorption. With this function the full value of TurboBooster, ePowder and F-Vite, Bloomford, Dufoplus and Ioford and other nutrients within the food are realized. Baby growth is outstanding and both parents glow with health and energy.  Together, robust development and natural immunity is sustained in babies and their parents, so that very few breeding problems are experienced. A noticeable increase in activity and physical vibrancy will be observed across all breeding pairs within 2 days of starting this Programme.  
I have tried mixing the Inca Honey into the drinking water but found that the soluble fiber always dropped out of solution even if I started by mixing the Inca Honey into hot water. So I have been mixing the Inca Honey into the TurboBooster each assigned day and then coating this mixture onto both the dry and chitted (soaked and sprouted) seed 3 days each week during the Breeding and Molting Season.
Mixing Instructions
1 Mix 5ml Inca Honey thoroughly into 2 litres of drinking water. Dose and frequency may vary according to Dr. Marshall’s instructions. Calcium Plus may also be added for birds housed indoors that receive inadequate sunlight.
I have found that mixing the Inca Honey into the TurboBooster first and then coating this onto the seed works best for me and my own birds. See #5 below
2 Mix 10ml Ioford, 5ml Dufoplus into 5ml Inca Honey together into 2 litres of drinking water.
3 Mix 1gm KD Powder (white spoon) into 1 litre of drinking water. Additional KD Thursday treatment if required - fresh water otherwise. 
4 Mix 1ml Quik-Gel into 1 litres of drinking water.
5 Mix 10ml of TurboBooster and 5ml of Inca Honey together and then coat this mixture onto 1Kg of seed  and mix thoroughly. Then, add 5gm (1 teaspoon) each of ePowder, F-Vite and Bloomford and mix again so that these powders stick to the TurboBooster oil impregnated seed.
Inca Honey Breeding Programme for Gouldians, Finches & Canaries.pdf48 KB