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Dr. Rob is a world renowned avian veterinarian in Sydney, Australia. He was the veterinary consultant for the Northern Territory Nature and Conservation Commission for a scientific study of the disease status in the wild population of the endangered Gouldian Finches as it related to a "Recovery Plan".



Tailai O’Brien is a Parrot Behavior Consultant who has worked along side Dr. Marshall and has developed special regimes for successful bird training and behavioral development. Fill out her Questionnaire so that she may help you with your parrot’s bad behavior.

is now a proud sponsor of the

 Save the Gouldian Fund


A portion of all of our sales will be donated to the fund, in the hope that we may contribute in a small way to saving the wild

Gouldian Finches.


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2 New Feeding Systems

 Both feeding systems have been designed without any sharp or square corners, enabling easy cleaning and no entrapment of stale food.


These large capacity soft food dishes make excellent additions to every aviary. The  attachment design facilitates easy and firm fixing to the cage, reducing spillage through vibration.  Sold in Sets of 2

Measurements: 1 ¼”  W x 1 ¾” D x ¾” H







These Twin Feeding Station dishes are housed in a fixed carrier that attaches to your cage. The attachment system allows for use in cages with various bar spacing. Each single dish is independently seated and removable from the carrier for quick cleaning and offers greater flexibility in the feeding of special foods, seeds and grit. The built in perch makes it suitable to be placed anywhere in the cage without the need for an additional perch. I have used this Twin feeding station for the past year and my Gouldians love them.

Measurements: Carrier – 5 ½” W x 3 ¾” D (this includes perch extension)

Each Dish – 2 ½” W x 1 ½” D x 1 ¼” H