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Dr. Rob is a world renowned avian veterinarian in Sydney, Australia. He was the veterinary consultant for the Northern Territory Nature and Conservation Commission for a scientific study of the disease status in the wild population of the endangered Gouldian Finches as it related to a "Recovery Plan".



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Endocox 2.5%


For the Prevention of Coccidiosis & Atoxoplasmosis (a form of Coccidia)


We recommend a good preventive maintenance program for the prevention and control of Coccidiosis and Atoxoplasmosis in susceptible birds (European Goldfinch, Pigeon, etc.) due to the difficulties in curing these diseases.

In order to control Coccidiosis, strict cage and aviary hygiene is paramount. Consistency is KEY!!

When administered at a low dose (1ml per litre) for three days each month, Endocox prevents coccidiosis outbreaks in young birds and helps build immunity against re-infection. Endocox is a Coccidistat, which means it doesn't "cure" birds already infected, but it protects birds who've been in contact with infected birds within three days.

For Breeding Birds:

A 3-day treatment at a dosing rate of 9ml Endocox 2.5% to 1 gallon clean drinking water.  Begin this 3-day treatment 1 month before breeding.

Use of MegaMix during pre-breeding preparation and during the entire breeding season is recommended. An Endocox/MegaMix cocktail is recommended during treatment.

Endocox used as part of a pre-breeding cleansing program should help prevent both forms of coccidiosis. Birds with continued Coccidia issues should be pulled from the breeding program until the Coccidia is under control.

For susceptible Breeding Finch or Canary Pairs with Chicks

Repeat a 3-day treatment when the chicks are 1-2 weeks old as a preventive and cautionary measure.

An Endocox/MegaMix cocktail is recommended during treatment.

For susceptible Post-Molt Juveniles (6 months of age)

Repeat a 3-day treatment when the chicks finish their first molt at around 6 months of age.

An Endocox/MegaMix cocktail is recommended during treatment.

Prevention for Young Birds:

Young birds (juveniles & weaning age) are susceptible to Coccidiosis due to their young immune systems that have not yet built up an immunity. Repeat preventative treatments should be carried out with young birds. Endocox should be administered at high doses (2mls per liter) for two days each week for four weeks. Endocox should then be administered at low doses (1ml per 2 liters) for five days when hens are brooding eggs.

An Endocox/MegaMix cocktail is recommended during treatment.

Treatment of Infected Young Birds:

Endocox treatment should start in the weaning unit for two days each week at a low dose and extend for four weeks. Endocox should then be administered at a low dose (1ml per 2 liters) for two days every month until the conclusion of the molt.

An Endocox/MegaMix cocktail is recommended during treatment.

Newly Acquired Birds or those in Quarantine:

Endocox administered at high dose (3mls per liter) for three days each week for four weeks.

Overall treatment is needed not just of the birds, but of the cage or entire aviary as well. If not treated, the birds will be reinfected within days as the Coccidia Oocysts will still be present in the cage or aviary substrate in the bottom of the housing. Ingesting only one Oocyst will re-infect a bird.

***Use this medication as the sole source of drinking water. Remove all other items containing moisture while treatment is under way. Do not stop treatment until full course has been administered. Doing so can cause drug resistance in both the birds and the organism.

Active Ingredient


***This product is not intended or approved for stock whose meat or eggs are intended for human consumption. Consult your veterinarian for authorization and supervision in administering this or any antimicrobial medication. 


50 gram & 100 gram