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Jeanne Briseno from New Mexico asks: Dear Dr. Rob, my canary still suffers from suspected airsac mites and confirmed scaley-leg mite after treatment with S76 according to your instructions. How safe is a retreatment?
Hello Jeanne, This is the recommended treatment using S76 for scaley-leg mites. Paint the undiluted S76 directly on the feet, legs or face using a cotton bud. Keep away from the eyes and mouth. Repeat daily for 1 week, then weekly until the sores are healed. Also one day each week administer S76 in the drinking water for 6 weeks, then as a routine to prevent recurrence, administer in the water for one day each month during the Summer and at the beginning of each season. Scaley leg and face is related to immuno suppression, so I always recommend my Health Programme to start during treatment. This mite is not contagious, but rather opportunistic. If this treatment is followed for the scaley mite, air-sac mites will also be killed. All the Best, Rob

Edward Kapuschinsky from Pennsylvania asks: I raise both canaries and gouldians, I have used S76 at a dose rate of 1/2 teaspoon for 2 cups of water on my gouldians with no problems, but I recently housed some canaries with them and they also drank the S76. Afterwards the canaries acted funny with a very weird stance to them , stiff legged with their wings held away from their bodies. Could the S76 have done something to them because the gouldians aren't bothered but only the canaries are. When I changed the water they came around in a day or two. So what gives.
Hello Edward, The dose rate that you used was double the recommended amount of S76. At that dose rate I am not surprised that the canaries reacted the way they did. I am surprised that your other birds did not react also, but I am very happy that the canaries have returned to normal behavior. In the future, please be sure that the dose rate is correct. 1/2 teaspoon of S76 for 1 liter (4 cups) of water 1/4 teaspoon of S76 for 500ml (2 cups) of water 1/8 teaspoon of S76 for 250ml (1 cup) of water All the Best, Rob

Debra Clark from Buford, GA asks: Your pamphlet refers to KD7 powder? I have KD powder & S76 liquid. Is KD7 something new?
Hello Debra, KD7 is the same product as the KD Water Cleanser. All the best, Rob

Abbas from Pakistan asks: My canaries are suffering from "Red Mites" and "Ballad Head" please guide me how to treat and from where to buy the medicine. I am in Pakistan.
Hello Abbas, I am not familiar with the term "Ballad Head". I would suggest that you treat your canaries for mites. To do this you could use a pyrethrum spray or my S76, or a combination of both. These products can be purchased from Laraine at All the Best, Rob

Robert Benson from Metairie (New Orleans) Louisiana asks: Dr. Rob, I believe my Goulds to have Air Sac Mites and have purchased S76. My question relates to the administration of the drug. As stated on this site, "S76 needs to be administered in the drinking water two days per week for three weeks (21 days) in order to kill the life cycle of the airsac mites." Is that two consecutive days per week for 21 days? What should the flock be given on the in between days or should S76 remain in the drinking water for the full 21 days? Thanks for your advice. By the way, this site and the products offered are fantastic. I have a box full of 'em! Thanks, and thank you Dr. Rob.
Hello Robert, The S-76 should be administered to your birds for 2 consecutive days each week, for 3 weeks, preferably the same 2 days each week. Once the S76 concentrate, like all Ivermectin concentrates, is mixed with the water, it is potent approximately 10 hours, so mixing is best done in the morning. To insure a good drink you may prefer to remove the water source the evening before. During the days between dosing, you should follow the same routine that you have been using for your bird's normal routine. All the Best, Rob

David Silver from Morris, CT 06763 asks: I am new to finches. Can the product S76 be used as a preventative for mites and lice or is it just used for treatment?
Hello David, S76 is used to kill air-sac mites. I suppose that you could call it a preventative treatment, because it is next to impossible to completely eradicate these mites from Lady Gouldian Finches and Canaries. If there are any nymph stages of the air-sac mite present after the treatment, they will eventually mature into adults and start the cycle all over again. Since it is impossible to know if they are present, it is recommend that you use S76 for 2 days every 3 months during your Fall, Winter and Spring months and 2 days every month during the warmer Summer months. All the Best, Rob

David Silver from Morris, CT 06763 asks: Dear Rob, Thank you for your quick response. The finches were prophylactically treated with Scatt when we introduced them from their carrying cage into a brand new cage. If we wish to 'convert' to S76, then I take it that we should do that in March 07?
Hello David, I recommend treatment for air-sac mites every 3 months during the cooler months of the year and every month during the warmer months as this is when the air-sac mite is most active. Rob

Greg Francis from St Petersburg, FL asks: I have a Gouldian male and a female White-headed Nun. I suspect the Gouldian has air sac mites (mouth-clicking, head rubbing, heavy breathing only at night) and have begun treating the water supply on the "2 days a week/3 straight week" regimen. I am wondering if I can also do the spray method simultaneously, to rule out feather mites as well. Will this misting approach also treat scaly legs? If not what do you recommend for scaly leg treatment? If the "3 week" water supply method doesn't eliminated his symptoms, how long after should I wait to begin an individual treatment? Thanks for your time!
Hello Greg, The S76 can be used as a spray mist on your birds to eradicate any possible feather mites, but if your birds like to bathe, that method may be easier. To treat for scaly mites you should continue the in-water treatment for just one day each week for an additional 3 weeks. You should also apply the undiluted S76 to the affected area on the leg and feet with a cotton bud on the same day that you add the S76 to the drinking water. Scaly mites are harder to eliminate since they are burrowed down deep into the skin tissue. I would also suggest that you reassess the nutrition of your birds because scaly face & leg mites can be nutritional and weak gene based. All the Best, Rob