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Dr. Rob is a world renowned avian veterinarian in Sydney, Australia. He was the veterinary consultant for the Northern Territory Nature and Conservation Commission for a scientific study of the disease status in the wild population of the endangered Gouldian Finches as it related to a "Recovery Plan".



Tailai O’Brien is a Parrot Behavior Consultant who has worked along side Dr. Marshall and has developed special regimes for successful bird training and behavioral development. Fill out her Questionnaire so that she may help you with your parrot’s bad behavior.

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A portion of all of our sales will be donated to the fund, in the hope that we may contribute in a small way to saving the wild

Gouldian Finches.


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Are you looking for the perfect product to add to your fresh boiled egg to make it the ideal food for your feeding parent Gouldians? This egg meal may be that product. I discovered this gem 15 years ago at a bird fair in Southern California, and used it for 9 years as an integral part of my Gouldian’s breeding diet. It has been said that fresh boiled egg is the ideal choice for protein during the breeding season, so when any finch species can be coaxed into eating
fresh boiled egg, adding Skipio’s Egg Meal will give it the dry, crumbly consistency that most finches desire.


An added bonus about this egg meal is that it is made from ground seed, the same seed that your birds would normally eat…ground millet seed. There are no dried bread fillers. Additionally there is dried egg yoke, spirulina and aniseed as well as dehydrated ground insects to increase the protein content for growing chicks. The Egg Meal that I sell has no soya protein that may interfere with fertility in breeding birds.


I do not recommend this product be used as a hand-feeding formula for small birds, because I feel that the consistency would be too bulky to feed through a syringe. If you are hand-feeding a larger bird with a spoon, I believe it would work very well.


Ingredients: Ground Millets, Dry Egg Yoke, Dehydrated Insect (Musca Domestica)  Larvae and Pupae, Spirulina and Aniseed.


Protein 22.10%    -    Fat 14,28%    -   Fiber – 9.91%