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Dr. Rob is a world renowned avian veterinarian in Sydney, Australia. He was the veterinary consultant for the Northern Territory Nature and Conservation Commission for a scientific study of the disease status in the wild population of the endangered Gouldian Finches as it related to a "Recovery Plan".



Tailai O’Brien is a Parrot Behavior Consultant who has worked along side Dr. Marshall and has developed special regimes for successful bird training and behavioral development. Fill out her Questionnaire so that she may help you with your parrot’s bad behavior.

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 Save the Gouldian Fund


A portion of all of our sales will be donated to the fund, in the hope that we may contribute in a small way to saving the wild

Gouldian Finches.


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Kelp Meal


rich & balanced source of essential minerals, vitamins and complex amino acids



Organic Nutritional Supplement

From the cold, dark waters of the North Atlantic…comes a kelp, rich in chelated minerals and micronutrients, amino acids and vitamins. Modern farming practices, including the use of chemical fertilizers, have resulted in sterile soils, devoid of the necessary trace elements and micronutrients. Consequently the grains and vegetables grown in these soils are also deficient of these essential elements & micronutrients.


Norwegian Kelp, or Ascophyllum nodosum, has been found to be a rich and balanced source of these essential minerals, vitamins and complex amino acids. Additionally, these nutrients are in a naturally chelated form, which allows for quick and efficient uptake by animals and plants.


Low Heat Drying

Kelp Meal is carefully processed, utilizing low heat drying, to preserve these valuable micronutrients. Kelp Meal is 100% natural and contains no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no artificial flavoring and no additives of any type. Kelp Meal as a daily feed supplement is the most affordable way to ensure that your birds have a balanced source of chelated micronutrients.


Packaging:  5 ounce, 12 ounce and 24 ounce bags


Typical Analysis

Protein                                   5.0%

Fat                                         2.0%

Fiber                                       8.0%

Moisture                                10.0%

Carbohydrat                        54.0%

   Mannit                        4.2%

   Alginic Acid               25.1%

   Methylpentosans        6.0%

   Laminarin                   8.3%

   Undefines Sugars       10.4%

Ash                                         21.0%

Total                                     100.0%


Micronutrients & Elements  
Aluminum Hydrogen Potassium
Antimony Indium Radium
Barium Iodine Rhodium
Beryllium Iridium Rubidium
Bismuth Iron Selenium
Boron Lanthanum Silicon
Bromine Lead Silver
Cadmium Lithium Sodium
Calcium Magnesium Strontium
Carbon Manganese Sulfur
Cerium Mercury Tellurium
Cesium Molybdenum Thallium
Chlorine Nickel Thorium
Chromium Niabium Tiri
Cobalt Nitrogen Titanium
Copper Osmium Tungsten
Flourine Oxygen Uranium
Gallium Palladium Vanadium
Germanium Phosphorous Zinc
Gold Platinum Zirconium
Amino Acids    
Alanine Histidine Proline
Arginine Isoleucine Serine
Aspartic Acid Leucine Threonine
Cystine Lysine Tryptophan
Glutamic Acid Methlonine Tryrosine
Glycine Phenylalanine Valine


Ascorbic Acid Folinic Acid Tocopherols
Biotin Niacin Vitamin B12
Carotene Riboflavin Vitamin K
Folic Acid Thiamin